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Upcoming Events

AHPCSA meeting Calendar for 2017.

Tuesday 21 March is Human Rights day (public holiday) and Monday 20 March is a school holiday; and

Thursday 27 April is Freedom day (public holiday) and Friday 28 April is a school holiday. (Monday 1 May is also a public holiday).

Due to the above, Council House will be closed on 20 March and 28 April 2017 as approved by the Exco.

Meeting dates for 2017 as follows:
Council and Exco
Exco: 15 February 2017
Council: 16 February 2017

Second meetings for 2017:
Exco: 16 August 2017
Council: 17 August 2017
Professional Boards 1/2017
PBCO: 15 May 2017
PBACMU: 17 May 2017
PBARM: 18 May 2017
PBHNP: 22 May 2017

Kindly note that all AHPCSA meetings as scheduled above are public meetings (except Exco) and members of the public are permitted to attend and observe only, all AHPCSA meetings as scheduled above (except Exco), provided that the AHPCSA is contacted at least two weeks prior to the relevant meeting so that arrangements can be made; meetings are held at conference venues and the cost per person that is charged by the venue, must be paid by the individual wishing to observe a meeting.
No walk-ins will be permitted due to venue costs.


The current term of office for Professional Boards comes to an end in November 2017 and the election process will commence early in 2017 year. Further election notices are placed in two National newspapers and the Government Gazette and thereafter placed on the AHPCSA website, facebook page and circulated to the associations via email and to all practitioners on the 2017 current registers; however as many practitioners do not update their contact details many emails bounce and practitioners are then unaware of the election taking place.

Further, it is a requirement of the AHP Act to send out the Ballots by registered post, however practitioners do not go and collect registered items and these are returned to Council; regretfully this costs Council a large amount of money wasted and has an impact on the results.

All AHP professionals should note that it is important for your profession to be represented on the Professional Board by someone that you feel confident would best represent your professions professional interests and it is therefore imperative that you make the effort to collect your Ballot from the Post Office, examine the CVs provided of elected candidates and vote accordingly.

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