De-registration Information

Kindly note that payment of your annual registration fees must reach Council on or before 31 March of every year, for a particular year, in order to avoid deregistration due to non-payment of fees. Even though non-payment of fees may lead to de-registration, the AHPCSA does not presume that the practitioner’s non-payment of fees for a particular year is an indication of intention to de-register. Intention to be de-registered must be communicated to Council on or before 15 January of the given year, in writing; if de-registration is requested after 15 January and before 31 March, the practitioner will be liable for one quarter of the annual fee; any request for de-registration received after 31 March will result in the practitioner being liable for full registration fees and all other consequences for non-payment of fees will be applicable.

Going overseas?

Going overseas?
Council must be notified in writing before you leave South Africa for a protracted period (six months or longer), as per the Allied Health Professions Act (Act 63 of 1982), as amended.
Should you be planning to be away for two years only, it is recommended that you remain registered; should you be planning on being away for five years or longer, it would be financially viable to deregister.

When you return and request restoration to the register Council will require a CV of your activities since leaving SA, a letter/certificate of good standing from the Council in the country where you have been practising and a police clearance certificate; you may also need to prove CPD activities. You will not be able to commence practising until you have been restored to the register at the AHPCSA. (See Board Notice 9 of 2018: Conditions of restoration to any AHPCSA register or registers by any person previously deregistered in any one of the AHPCSA professions).