The Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa

ensuring quality complementary and alternative healthcare of choice


Balloting is currently under way with a return date of 06 July 2017 and registered practitioners/therapists will shortly receive registered post notification from the Post Office to collect their ballots. (Posted out in batches by the Post Office 25, 26 & 29 May, further one Ballot has already been returned marked RTS, as the person had changed his postal details without informing the AHPCSA, as is required by law).

Further, only four professions have proceeded to Ballots as all other professions received nominations for the required number of members and the persons nominated have thus been duly elected.

Ballots posted out for the following professions only:

Therapeutic Aromatherapy; and
Therapeutic Reflexology.

Kindly note that it is important to elect persons that will best represent your profession on the Professional Boards (CVs of nominated persons are included in your Ballot envelope to assist you with this important decision).

Further it is to be regretted that only between 25 and 33% of practitioners bother to vote and the remaining number of envelopes return marked ‘unclaimed’ to the AHPCSA. This is an enormous waste of AHPCSA funds and also creates the perception of apathy or lack of interest in the profession.

Further, postage paid envelopes are included in your envelope and you are encouraged to vote and follow instructions to ensure that your Ballot is excepted and not considered ‘spoilt’. (Spoilt Ballots include voting for more than the number of persons indicated, writing notes on Ballots, writing your own name on the Ballot form, including letters into the Ballot envelope, scratching out your registration number off the back of the addressed envelope, placing the Ballot into the AHPCSA addressed envelope without placing it into the small envelope first and Ballots received after closing date and time etc.)