The Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa

ensuring quality complementary and alternative healthcare of choice

Functions of a statutory health council

The AHPCSA is mandated in terms of the Act to:

  • Promote and protect the health of the public;
  • Manage, administer and set policies relating to the professions registered with the AHPCSA;
  • Investigate complaints relating to the professional conduct of practitioners, interns and students;
  • Administer the registration of persons governed by the AHPCSA; and
  • Set standards for the education and training of intending practitioners.

(Please see further information regarding the functions of the AHPCSA, on the home page of this website)

Functions of an association

  • Membership of an association is voluntary;
  • The function of any association is to promote the professional interests of the practitioner;
  • Raising public awareness of that particular profession;

Liaison with medical aids (there is no legal obligation on any medical aid to include any particular profession treatment in its benefits, since any medical aid is in the nature of a private contract between the medical aid and the subscriber, and the medical aid decision is generally based on its perception as to the demand for any particular treatment), and Tariff setting and engaging with the relevant body regarding ICD-10 coding and latterly, ICD-10 PCS coding.